This is a fracture or defect in the posterior elements of the vertebra. It often occurs in the region that is known as pars interarticularis.The condition is called pars defect otherwise known as pars fracture.

Spondylolysis is associated with lower back pain and stiffness. The symptoms are aggravated with physical activities or when bending forward. Leg pain is also a clinical manifestation of the condition but might occur with or without the stenotic component. Athletes are more prone to this type of pathology which occurs as a result of repeated strains and trauma. Gymnasts have the highest incidence of Spondylolysis.

A plain oblique X-ray and CT scan are the ideal tests that are used to diagnose the condition. The treatment is self-limiting since most fractures heal independently without medical interventions. However, non-operative treatments include modification of athletic activities and eliminate activities that can aggravate the condition. Steroidal and facet injections are excellent for relieving pain associated with this condition. Surgical intervention includes a posterior fusion with the possibility of decompression.

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