Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

We have immense experience in personal injury. If you have no resources we will refer you to a patient's advocate center that can assist you address medical expenses and help you get the treatment you need right away you having to pay a cent. In addition, we will start evaluating you and treating you immediately. 

Regarding medical care, go to our home page to read more about the highly sophisticated techniques we can use to treat your pain and the highly trained and experienced board certified physicians who can help you. Most frequently, we can bring you in the same day or within 48 hours.

Our areas of expertise include back pain, neck pain, headaches, concussion, joint pain such as shoulder or knee injuries. We work closely with a team of orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons. However, we always try to avoid open surgery with sophisticated micro-procedures which are guided by imaging (ultrasound, fluoroscopy or CT scan) and specifically target the areas causing pain for immediate pain relief. 

Let us bring immediate relief and happiness back to your life.

Depending on your injuries, we will have you evaluated immediately using highly trained and experienced board certified physicians and specialists. We work with a network of health care providers including physical therapists, chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, pain specialists and neurologists. In the meantime, we will not have you waiting in pain. We will start your evaluation and treatment right away. 

Why wait? Call us now. 

Waiting to be evaluated will only prolong your pain and suffering. Our experience and training makes us to understand your situation best. We will go over your concerns in the most compassionate and caring manner. 

Our injury doctors and specialists also assists patients and lawyers with medical injury consultations and expertise ranging from comprehensive neurological evaluations to lower back injuries, neck injuries to car accidents to serious complications of traumatic injuries. We provide from standard interventional pain modalities to advanced injury therapies like radiofrequency ablation, microdiscetomy and platelet rich plasma. 

For assistance in Spanish, ask for Español when you call. Solicite asistencia en Español al llamar.

DO NOT USE THIS NUMBER FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCIES. If you think you have an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. 


Our services are based on a high level of expertise, knowledge and experience. We provide not only sophisticated neurological care but also, legal evaluation and consultative services for attorneys (both for plaintiffs and defense attorneys). Our services are top quality backed by a widespread reputation in Houston for providing highly ethical, unbiased and truly independent medical evaluations. We stand behind every statement made on our reports with the strength of authoritative peer-reviewed literature and science. Dr. Pappolla has been teaching neuroscience for over 30 years to medical students, medical residents, and physician specialists at many prestigious medical schools and at national and international congresses. We use that expertise and experience to evaluate your case and if necessary provide depositions, court appearances or report preparations. 

We help plaintiff or defense attorneys with medico-legal expertise. Unfortunately, a small subgroup of individuals abuse the medico-legal system for improper secondary gain. THUS, WE DO NOT ACCEPT EVERY CASE REFERRED TO US. We provide highly ethical and truly independent medical examinations and evaluative reports and help you analyze complex cases. Our experience focuses in neurological injuries, TBI and spine disorders. 

NOTICE TO PROSPECTIVE PATIENTS: We welcome ONLY legitimately injured patients; our main advise is: "always tell the truth to your doctor". We love to heal and have the top expertise to help you. However, we will not be complicit with symptom amplification (we have ways to detect them). We do not automatically prescribe narcotics to treat your pain. Rather, we will find the cause of your pain (pain generator) and target these and help your body to heal as clinical science permits. 

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Houston Metropolitan Area, Sugar Land, Humble, Katie, Pasadena, Friendswood & Clear Lake

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