Chronic Pain Management without Opioids

At our pain clinics, our goal of acute and chronic pain management is to control pain rapidly as much as feasible without the use of opioids (narcotics) or surgery, whenever possible. Our aim is to minimize the pain promptly, with an emphasis on eliminating the discomfort in patients. Chronic pain develops over many years and is difficult to manage. Our pain specialists in Houston, however, will focus initially on a detailed neurological assessment; this is a key step toward identifying the cause of your pain (pain generators). In that manner, the pain specialist will device a treatment plan that is specific for the cause of your acute or chronic pain instead of using "pain pills" and cover the symptoms of an underlying and potentially treatable condition. With this approach, we have a very high rate of success in the management of chronic pain even in the most complex and challenging cases. This may initially may appear to be a goal that is far from reach to many patients, who have faced the burden of their condition for many years and are often frustrated by prior multiple treatment failures.

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